Don’t Sweat It – 3 Exercises that Deliver Meeting Results

women sitting at table meetingRecently, the president of an international technology association asked me for a couple of ideas on how kick off her upcoming board meeting. She was looking for something that would prepare the group to be open and ready to work together to address the tough discussions on the agenda.

As I began to consider how to best advise her, my thoughts turned to just how important the start of any meeting really is. After all, it is the start of any meeting that sets the tone for the quality of the interaction that is about to take place. It establishes the conditions for success. In general, however, this familiar part of a businessperson’s day usually gets the least amount of focus. Most meetings begin with a brief overview of the agenda and then a leap  into “the important stuff”. The issue is that this jump takes place before everyone is on the same page, putting at risk the successful outcome of the meeting.

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When Business is Serious – It’s Play Time!

I am excited to join my colleagues in presenting at PCMA’s Canadian Innovation Conference on November 22 – 24. The aim of the conference is to provide professional education for the 500+ professionals attending the event. In preparation for the event, we have been thinking hard about how to deliver a high-impact session for a group of people whose job every day is to design and deliver awesome experiences. Meeting and conference planning is serious business. Big bucks are at stake and the pressure is on to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Fortunately, the choice of what to do for our session could not have been clearer—we… are going to play.


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