So How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?

My two Working Improv partners and I had a great time in the workshop we ran at PCMA’s Canadian Innovation Conference this past week. And how could we not? ­The creative group of professional meeting and conference planners in our workshop enthusiastically jumped into the exercises we put forward. They made new best friends, went on exotic adventures, discovered multiple uses for socks, and told stories like champions.

WP_20151124_08_29_23_ProFor those who could not join us, I thought I would summarize some of the lessons and questions that came out of the session.

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When Business is Serious – It’s Play Time!

I am excited to join my colleagues in presenting at PCMA’s Canadian Innovation Conference on November 22 – 24. The aim of the conference is to provide professional education for the 500+ professionals attending the event. In preparation for the event, we have been thinking hard about how to deliver a high-impact session for a group of people whose job every day is to design and deliver awesome experiences. Meeting and conference planning is serious business. Big bucks are at stake and the pressure is on to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Fortunately, the choice of what to do for our session could not have been clearer—we… are going to play.


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